the one word that defined this experience...epic

Mackenzie and Brian are adventure seekers, the kind that blend intentional planning with spontaneous twists and turns. So, when they shared that Brian's SUPER romantic engagement took place while on a trip to California, well, we knew we all had to go back and create there together.

Friday evening started out warm and easy. Their comfort level quickly grew and in minutes the nerves turned into natural smiles. The California coast was the perfect backdrop for their playful spirts and romantic looks. I can see why Brian chose to propose there!

Day two was full, with a buzzing energy that continued through their sexy morning beach photoshoot into the afternoon at Mission San Juan Capistrano and ending with an evening back at the beach, catching the sea spray and sunset. Sam and I arrived in the area several days before our session started so we could visit all the places on our itinerary, scope out new locations and ensure that Mackenzie and Brian's experience was seamless. Experiencing the same locations with them was so fun for us! Even though we all were tourists, sharing the little treasures we had discovered just days before - like the tide pools and secluded cliffs - it just felt easy. It was kinda crazy how natural it felt to be trekking around as a foursome. Like we had been friends for years.

And everything in SoCal was uncharacteristically magical! I joked that someone was pumping CBD into the air out there, because life just slowed down. The ocean mist, the view from the drone, the taco stand we stopped at for a quick refuel before the evening shoot, they all felt otherworldly. Mackenzie & Brian felt it too. We may have done some fantasizing about moving there...don't judge!

The dream continued with our trek to the Santa Monica Mountains on day three. The change in terrain felt like we had traveled days when we had only driven hours. Watching them walk (and occasionally skip) hand in hand through the trails felt like we were witnessing a fairytale. Because we were.

The whispers between them (which went unheard by us) turned into laugher, and lots of playful teasing. They embraced the ease of it all and, even though we were part of it, there were many moments as if Sam and I didn't exist. It was truly beautiful to witness.

I love to take photos of organic moments, stuff that is just happening in between the posed and planned. So of course their gallery included a well balanced sprinkling of the silliness, selfies, unexpected crashing waves, and stolen glances (and kisses). I'll keep the majority a secret, since these are Mackenzie and Brian's private moments, but leave you with a few glimpses into our shenanigans.

Thanks for reliving their truly epic engagement session with me! I can't wait to see what adventurous couple we will partner with next and what corner of the world we will experience together.

Where would you like to go?