that saying "beauty is pain"? Well it doesn't have to be

Being a wedding photographer gives us a wonderfully intimate glimpse into the wedding day experience of our brides. One of the many frustrations we hear is regarding their choice in bridal shoes. From being on your feet in family formals, to walking down the aisle and around the venue space enjoying your guests, choosing comfortable footwear is key. But how do you balance comfort and dreamy, beautiful shoes?

Read below for the dos and don'ts we have complied from our bride's experiences over the years.


  • Try a new style that is outside your comfort zone.
  • Only wear heels all day (unless you always wear heels for long periods of time normally).
  • Skip breaking your shoes in.
  • Wear them outside before your wedding day.
  • Suffer through it. If they are uncomfortable when you try them on then, spoiler, it won't get much better.


  • Choose a pair of flats to change into if you opt for heels first.
  • Break in your shoes inside to protect them from scuffs, especially if you want them photographed.
  • Consider your personal style and the types of shoes you regularly wear when dressed up.
  • Reflect on past weddings you have attended and how those shoes effected your experience.
  • Feel confident in changing your mind if you first pick causes pain or blisters.
  • Experiment with various products like Body Glide and bandaids when breaking in your shoes. Identify those hot spots and try out different ways to prevent rubbing.
  • Read reviews on shoes when buying online (we witnessed the snap of a heel the first time a bridesmaid put on her new shoes from Etsy...hours before the ceremony. Luckily she was able to have a backup pair brought from home; but the frustration, time spent with pliers trying to DYI a fix and on the phone to arrange backup shoes did not make for a great experience for her).

By the time the "I do"s have been exchanged, we overhear many of our brides complaining about their sore feet. Too tight, straps coming loose, pinching toes, rubbing the heals, and blisters are the usual annoyances. Your wedding day is too memorable and too amazing to be spending time frustrated with your footwear.

Here's to a marvelous first day married to your love with feet just as happy as you are!