Dreaming of romantic & intimate engagement photos

that reflect your relationship?

Before you book your engagement session,

read these top tips from an expert photography team.

1.Book your wedding photographer first and have them do your engagement session

This is the most important tip. Why? Having your wedding photography team work along side of you and your fiancé for your engagement session will help your wedding day go smoother . When making this significant choice, we highly recommend choosing a photographer based on their shooting style, editing style and how their personalities vibe with you and your fiancé.

Going into an engagement shoot with those three things aligning already sets you and your photographer up for a successful match. PLUS when you work together on your engagement session, you show more of yourselves to your photographer (like who you really are) which is priceless. Seeing who you and your fiancé are together, your unique dynamic, how you whisper (or yell) inside jokes to each other and where your comfort level is in front of the camera, is like GOLD for your photographer. They will walk into your wedding day with a clear picture of who you are and what you want.

We include a complimentary engagement session with the majority of our packages because we know just how significant this magical connection is. We use the engagement shoot to capture your true essence, coaching you on posing techniques resulting in stunning imagery even before your wedding day. If you are not sure if your photographer includes an engagement session - ASK. This session will help you to feel more relaxed on your big day and drastically improve the quality of your wedding photos.

2.Ask your photographer for a planning session

Engagement shoots require planning, which is why we also include a complimentary engagement session design consultation for our couples. This allows us to uncover your passions, define your style, and discover the perfect location for your dream engagement pictures . If your photographer does not include this in their packages, or you aren't sure if they do, be sure to ask if you can schedule one and if there is an additional fee.

Having a chance to work together to plan the perfect session is something you deserve and gives your photographer the ability to learn what you want and then deliver.

Quick note: if you are working with an experienced photographer, planning the engagement shoot should not be all on you. They should be available for both the planning session and when you have questions or just want some expert feedback.

3.Match your style with the engagement session location

Do not neglect your personal style and wants. Ever try to use the wrong key in a lock? Well, that's what it will feel like if you try to shove yourself into something that doesn't fit who you are. It may work, but all the pieces won't fit together and it will a bit uncomfortable. If your heart desires "unconventional" style photos, do it! We strongly believe that the trends should serve you not the other way around. You may vibe with the golden, glowy Pinterest trend or you may not, either way, this is your experience and these are your photos. We want your heart to swoon every time you look at them.

This is where a seasoned photographer will not only uncover your style and guide you in selecting the location that matches you. (Spoiler: Many people do not know what they want!)

4.When going outdoors, consider the season & Time of Day

Each season is beautiful in its own way. Spring brings bright shades of green with colorful flowers and creates a fresh atmosphere for outdoor photos. Warm summer evenings are filled with beautiful colors and abundant foliage. Autumn is known for its colorful palette, cool breezes and falling leaves. Winter provides an opportunity for snowball fights and cozying up together.

When it comes to what time of day to have your session, the sun is the main consideration. Sunrise and sunset will give you those soft, golden, glowy tones that are sometimes backdropped by a colorful layered sky. Once the sun is fully risen, then it is like a giant spotlight illuminating everything. This works well for the light and airy style photographers, but if true to reality coloring are more your jam (warm colors and glowing hair) then you will want to stick with the rise or setting of the sun.

5.outfits should enhance rather than distract

The focus should be on you two, not your clothes. Prints and crazy colors can cause an unwanted distraction, which can force the viewer's eyes to focus on the print rather than the people. MOST couples benefit from neutral or pastel pallets, but sometimes bold, dramatic, or edgy is a better fit. That is totally cool, just make sure you match your clothing to your shoot location and chat with your photographer about your top picks first. For a general rule, if you like dresses or skirts, keep them flowy so they have movement and softness to them. For collared shirts, stick with neutrals like white and cream, and take it up a level by rocking a dark colored suit. Outfits should coordinate, but not match.

And finally, it can be simpler to start with the person who is more into fashion, have that individual choose their outfit, and complete your look based from this. When in doubt, text your photographer. We are always (overly) excited when our couples text us pics or screenshots of potential outfits and ask for our opinion!

6.Choose clothing that you feel comfortable in and reflects who you are at your best

Keeping on the topic of clothing, you don't want to be fidgeting or messing with ill fitting cloths...like pulling down a too short top or hiking up a skirt that is loose around the waist. Usually engagement sessions are a great excuse to purchase something new and fancy (hey, we support it!). So, if you decide to do some shopping, bring your fiancé or a trusted friend/family member that will give you honest feedback when you pop out of the dressing room. Ask, "is this me? Do I feel good in this? Can I move (sit down, raise my arms for a snuggle, foot pop during a kiss)?"

Doing some online shopping and spamming your photographer with screenshots before making any final decisions is another pro tip. This will give you a chance to hear your their feedback on your top picks so you can feel confident during the shoot and absolutely love the final photos. And, after you purchase, don't be afraid of having some alterations if something doesn't fit quite right. Cloths generally don't fit bodies perfectly off the rack!

7.Hair & makeup matter more than you think

Yes, we know it is what is on the inside that counts...but when it comes to being professionally photographed hair and makeup matter. Opting for a professional makeup artist and hair stylist to enhance your natural beauty will uplevel your engagement session instantly! Use it as an excuse for a little pampering or book your wedding hair and makeup trial earlier in the day before your shoot. With the extra "me time" and less pressure for you to do it yourself, you will strut into your shoot feeling refreshed and looking fabulous.

8.Take care of your feet

Planning for outfit and location appropriate shoes can be tricky, especially when your tootsies NEED to be comfortable. Choose your shoes after you finalize your location and outfit. It may sound a bit simple, but when you have about 1.3 million things on your mind it is easy to leave your engagement session shoes to the last minute. Remember, you can always pack a few different pairs and can rock your "walking around" shoes for comfort and easily slip into your fancy shoes when it is time for pictures. We love receiving texts of footwear pictures from our couples too...hmmm, we like some weird texts don't we?!

9.How to include your fur-babies

Feeling puppy love? You may be considering including your furry love into your engagement session and for the record, WE SUPPORT IT. There are a few key logistics to organize when planning to pose with your fuzzy friend. First, consider your location - does it allow for pets? Is it pet friendly? Second, consider how long your photoshoot will be. Our complementary engagement sessions are 2 hours, which is a long time for an animal to be hanging out alone. Having a friend bring your pet or asking them to tag along for the session to watch your pet will reduce their stress.. Third, your photographer can help you plan when would be the best time in the session to include them and when they can go home (or sniff around).

Another creative option for including pets is to have a lifestyle engagement session, which means the session happens in your home while you do "normal" everyday things together. These are great for wall art!

And finally ... 10. Don't forget your hands

Make sure you have clean and manicured fingernails. Whether you opt to have your nails done professionally or DIY, your hands will be photographed. Chipped nail polish and uneven nails can make or break a photo! For unmanicured hands, ensure the nails are freshly trimmed and filed, any loose skin is trimmed and the skin is free of stains. Start moisturizing rough or dry skin days before the session. This applies to both of you, not just the one with the bling!

As for your engagement ring, I suggest going for a cleaning about 2-3 days before your session. Hot tip from a diamontologist (me in my former life) - use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the sides and bottom of your ring setting the morning of your session to loosen any gunk that has accumulated over the last several days. Only wet the toothbrush (no toothpaste), then rinse with warm water and repeat as necessary. Dead skin cells, soap build up and lotion all accumulate under the setting and inhibit the light reflecting off that gorgeous stone.

last Thought

When engagement shoots have been handled correctly, you and your fiancé would have been escorted through a posing process, have done plenty of smooching, laughed together, whispered something inappropriate to each other, and have had a memorable and enjoyable experience. You should feel more connected to one another and to your photographer. The time will have amped you up to be even more excited for your wedding (is that even possible?!) and solidified your choice in wedding photographers.

If this sounds like something you want, let's have a chat. We may just be the perfect fit.

Sincerely, Monica

Ready to co-create some magic together?