Looking for summer wedding inspiration? This wedding had the flowers, the sunset & the romantic vibes.

The day was warm and the venue was perfection! And Ana Sophia & Luke were truly a joy to work with.

Stepping into Ana Sophia's comfy bridal suite, we were greeted by smiles, laugher and, of course, in process hair + makeup. We love to say hi, introduce ourselves to family and friends as "Sam and Monica" without all of our gear *literally* strapped on. The result is an easy assimilation into the culture of the day. So, when we are all strapped in sporting our two cameras each, no one feels the need to fake a cheesy smile at us or hide from the camera.

So that's why our wedding days start with a bonus hour.

That last photo is an example of how we roll, I pulled a "Mom" fix it moment and nibbled through the string on the suit jacket since all scissors were MIA . Not awkward for the groomsman at all...

First look with the crew is so cute and Ana Sophia's did not disappoint! Their reactions were exactly what a bride could hope for,

accompanied with a ton of "oooo"s and "awwwww"s.

The guys were chill, hanging out in their groomsmen suite, kitted out with a pool table, wall mounted TVs and lots of natural light streaming in from the generous windows. Cheers, prayers and some groom throwing were on the schedule for Luke and we were there for it!

Of course we always include a bunch of traditional formals, but we love it when the guys are up for some shenanigans.

I don't think Luke was expecting that ear lobe lick!

Luke's reaction to the flower girl's hesitation to walk down the aisle was seriously sweet! And when we didn't think it could get any cuter, the moment when the doors opened and he saw his bride...well, there are no words. [don't cry Monica, you have to be able to see to take photos]

They literally tied a knot, then with friends and family watching fondly, they tied the knot :)

And then they were officially MARRIED! Whoop Whoop!

Ana Sophia & Luke opted to skip the first look, so we went right into family photos after the wedding ceremony. The beauty of two photographers is that Sam works his magic to get the family formals done quickly while I help with manouvering family into place and keep my eyes open for what else is happening. In their case, grandma took on skirt floofing duty, dad was snapping his own photos, the flower girl couldn't resist some peek-a-boo and one of the groomsman totally missed his mouth when trying to hydrate. All perfectly imperfect moments making up the day...and we absolutely love them!

Just a few highlights of their gorgeous details. We love how they used Jenga pieces instead of a guestbook; it is such a creative way to enjoy the kind (and silly) words from friends and family.

Immediately following family formals and full bridal party pics, we went outside to capture some intimate moments between the new Mr. & Mrs. After their engagement session with us, we could see how comfortable they felt together in front of the camera on their wedding day. No awkward creepy hands or confusion over what Sam was asking of them, just easy snuggles and the best natural expressions. OUR FAVORITE!

Portrait session #1 complete and now on to the reception!

The "Table Hop" also known as "DJ versus the Photographer" is an efficiently fun (yes, that can be a thing, I swear) way to capture photos with all the wedding guests. DJ Zach from the Turn Up Columbus team did a fantastic job hyping up the crowd, so they were ready for themed photo ops at every table! Wa-la, in less than 10 minutes everyone is laughing and probably a tiny bit sweaty, and you have photos with them all. You can see why this is one of our favorite wedding day activities!

Ginormous group photo? Yes please! The venue coordinator had a ladder handy, which was very much needed for this huge high energy group! Photos like these are great for capturing the celebratory mood of the day. I mean, look at these smiles and poses.

First dances and speeches always make me tear up...can't blame me right?

And then on to the PAR-TAY. Wow, this group brought it - for hours!

We had an absolute blast catching it all (you will see a snippet of us in action when you scroll down).

When we say we have fun at weddings and we are right in the middle of the dance floor action taking photos, that isn't an exaggeration.

I was SO SWEATY from dancing. I just can't help myself.

Ana Sophia & Luke were totally up for sneaking away at sunset for some unforgettable shots. We all preplanned their second portrait session at sunset during our timeline conversations. And, the sky was AMAZING. No photoshop here, this was the real Ohio sky!

We cannot wait to see where they decide to display these fine art galleria photos in their home.

Finally, the night ended with a sparkler send off into married bliss...

Thank you for experiencing Ana Sophia & Luke's amazing wedding day with us in this highlight blog!

We highly recommend their DJ (Turn Up Columbus) who did an expert job in both MC'ing as well as keeping the mixes flowing and the dance floor full (and jumping).

Flora and Field is such a romantic venue with all of the elements we love. From the generous bridal and groom suites (with beautiful natural light) to intentional ceremony/cocktail hour/reception spaces, handcrafted stunning florals and a staff that provided truly 5 star service,

Flora and Field just checks off ALL the boxes for us.

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Now, are you ready to co-create with us and make your dream romantic wedding photos come true?

Sincerely, Monica