How to whitelist our email address so you don't miss out!

Whitelisting simply means that you are telling your email server to send our emails to your inbox so you don't miss any of our emails. Sometimes email servers assume an email is spam when it isn't and so it never actually makes it to your inbox.

Be in control of your filters with these steps from

General Tip:

If you don't see our emails, check your junk/spam folder and mark our email as "not junk" or "not spam" (or whatever the similar option is).

Whitelist in Gmail

  1. Select the cog icon at the top right of the Gmail screen
  2. Select ‘See all settings’ within the popup window that appears on the right
  3. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
  4. Select Create new filter and add the sender email address in the From section
  5. Select Create filter and set it to Never send to Spam

Whitelist in Mail/Apple Mail

  1. Open your mail app
  2. Select the sender address you want to add to your whitelist
  3. Select ‘Add to VIPs’ or ‘Add to Contacts’ depending on your device

Whitelist in Yahoo Mail

  1. Open Yahoo Mail and select Settings
  2. Select Filters and Add
  3. Name the filter and add the sender email address
  4. Select to send all mail to Inbox
  5. Select Save and Save

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