The story of two photographers

Hi, I’m Sam. Wedding photography is my jam. I want your wedding photos to transport you back to that day, with every photo reminding you of how you felt in that moment in time. I have a tendency to say strange things to make people smile and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Like most British people, I drink an unusually high amount of tea. I love chocolate, hanging out with my family and playing video games after a day of editing. (Written by Monica)

Hi, I’m Monica. I’m the peanut butter to Sam’s jam, or better yet, I’m the bread too. I’m also the one behind the camera trying not to cry when I am photographing your first look and your wedding vows. According to Sam, my favorite things to do are to hang out with friends and watch reality tv with lots of drama. Yes, I do like those things, but I’ll add I love being a mom and wife and I’m slightly obsessed with Barre3. I really enjoy taking care of couples and making them feel like the center of the world on their wedding day.