Get lost in the experience

“We'll never forget when one of our brides said “voicemail is not enough” after her mom passed.

We realized in that moment we weren’t alone in desiring to perserve meaningful and fleeting moments in film. 

You don’t know what you’re going to want until you don’t have it anymore.

 It’s easy to say you don’t need film of your wedding today, but would you still feel this way 10 years down the line? 

Our films are more than just a frozen memory, it's a story that comes back to life.

We didn't have a wedding film, and despite absolutely loving everything about our photographer and our images, we still have regrets.

We don't have a film to take us back to the catch in Sam's voice when he said his vows or the way Monica's eyes filled with tears as she walked down the aisle. And we can't provide the immersive experience we wish we could to our son.

We don't want our couples to have any regrets.

That's why we are so passionate.

Samantha & Ramel

Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Your love story isn’t cliche, it’s a noteworthy narrative worth capturing. 

You might not believe that you could be captured in a effortless and beautiful way, but that’s where we come in

We want to capture couples who are truly in love, intentional, and want to have fun. 

It’s your vision we co-create to perserve the memory.

But we skip the boring prompts and make the process of storyboarding your wedding day in a way thats fun, memorable and, exciting. 

Lauren & Adam

The Fives, Columbus Ohio

At our core, we go beyond the typical videographer's role.

Our mission is to transform the everyday couple into "movie stars" through the art of storytelling.

We understand that everyone has their unique way of wanting to be portrayed, and that's precisely what we aim to capture.

You don't need to possess the skills of a professional model or be an expert at striking poses.

We're here to work with anyone and everyone, guiding you through the process with patience and expertise.

Mackenzie & Brian

Scioto Reserve Country Club, Powell Ohio

We believe in the transformative power of visual storytelling,

where we illuminate the path towards understanding and celebrating your unique journey of love.

In a world filled with fleeting moments,

we're here to craft a timeless narrative that not only represents who you are

but also reminds you of the depth of your love every time you press play.

Amy & Josh

Brookshire, Delaware Ohio

Part of what helps us capture compelling films that are effortless and evocative

is because of our one-on-one personalized process we guide each of our couples through. 

This results in carefully crated films that capture the most intimate moments

while not taking away from the overall joy, and celebratory energy of the day.

Mai-Ahn & Matthew

Scioto Reserve Country Club, Powell Ohio

Our films are for couples who wish to preserve the sound of the vows being recited,

the transformation of the groom's face into a radiant smile,

or the laughter of loved ones during the reception.

We capture the essence and vitality of those moments, transporting you from the present into the past.

Madeline & Sean

Toledo, Ohio


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