avoid these pitfalls at all costs!

We have put together our top list of overlooked threats to the most unforgettable day ever!

These sneaky, common pitfalls can surprise even the most diligent bride!

  • Being unrealistic. This is not the time to guesstimate “best case scenario” times. Realism is key. What is the longest time your makeup trials have taken? How long will it take to drive from the hotel to the venue in traffic? Having extra time is always preferred. It doesn’t feel good to be running late on your wedding day. 

  • Unclear directions. Are the guys supposed to arrive at noon or 12:15pm? Make sure it’s crystal clear and written down. It’s unbelievable how often even the best intentioned bridal party and family members get times mixed up! 

  • Too good to be true pricing. If a vendor's price seems like the bargain of the century, odds are that there is a reason why. Don’t put yourself into a position where you find out why when they don't respond to your emails or show up late on your wedding day.

  • Too many cooks in the kitchen. Advice for your wedding day will come at you from just about every angle -well intentioned friends, wedding planning websites and even in your conversations with perspective vendors. It can get confusing and overwhelming really quickly! Trust the experience of your wedding planner, photographers and DJ. Together these three vendors will craft a relaxed, beautiful day you will enjoy. 

  • Trying to please everyone. Spoiler, you can’t. We have said it a million times and we won't stop anytime soon - be honest about what you and your fiancé want on your wedding day...and do that ;)

  • Procrastinating. Yes I said it. When you have your venue and date, it’s go time! We hear so many brides say they want to take an extended break or take things slowly after making this essential first move. The best vendors book up so quickly. Don’t get stuck with subpar! Then you can rest easy knowing your wedding day is in the hands of experts you trust and who want the best for you! 

  • Finally, assuming the day will just easily flow on its own without a defined plan. It will flow, but like a torrential downpour. It’s not pretty for anyone, yourself and your guests included. Your vendors will be sweating, running around to make the day happen, but so will you. Save yourself tears and stress and work with your vendors to craft a timeline that includes everything important to you. Even if you are a go with the flow personality, trust me, you will want to have an intentional timeline planned for your wedding day! 

Anything that takes away from soaking in every moment of the day you say I do and being able to look back fondly on the memories of that day is simply in the way.

Keep your eyes on the goal - marrying the one your heart loves and making your wedding day uniquely yours.

Girl, you got this!