It began with coffee

One of the wonderful things about being wedding photographers is that when we venture on family vacations, we sneak in some inspired work time at local coffee shops. Sam & I had walked along the adorable shop lined streets in Newport, Rhode Island to Kaffeology several times already, because I had become slightly obsessed with their oat milk lattes. Sam never turned down an opportunity to walk with me either, since he was seriously enjoying their flavored latte selection, breakfast sandwiches, and gooey cinnamon roles.

This is the first time we have been to Newport and we have been completely enraptured by its small town charm. The shop streets are filled with a selection of cafes, local creatives featuring their artisan goods, pubs that flavor the air with enticing smells, and a mix of locals and tourists taking it all in. Plus, dogs of all shapes and sizes are escorted by their owners through the streets and into shops. A local shared that they not only have roughly 7 dog specific shops, but a dog hotel, catering to the most discerning pups. What is not to love about this coastal town?

On this particular visit, after saying goodbye to Bear, a friendly golden retriever who looked right at home with his beachy blonde waves, and his equally friendly owners, we struck up a conversation with Kelsea and Tyler. They mistook us for locals (it was Sam's Helly Hansen zip up and probably our comfortable cafe table turned shared desk) and asked for smoothie recommendations. Of course, they ended up giving us a ton of recommendations, from burgers to boozy milkshakes.

Our conversation came to a close and we said our "nice to meet you!" and "goodbyes". After they walked out of the cafe, Sam looked me in the eyes and said "They are our kind of couple!" To which, I HAD to agree. They were obviously head over heels for each other, with Tyler making the hour drive to see Kelsea every weekend. The way they looked at each other as they spoke and how smiles formed as they finished each other's sentences was a telltale sign of a love story worth capturing. If you don't know this about Sam yet, he is never afraid to take a risk or let an opportunity pass him by. So, out he ran to ask them if they would be willing to model for us that evening.

We spent a windy and chilly sunset on Castle Hill Lighthouse, watching these two love birds enjoy each other's company and the experience together. Sam was much more adventurous then I, hopping between giant beach boulders to find the perfect angle. I, on the other hand, could be seen balancing my camera in hand while teetering on hands and knees (I am not a fan of heights!) but I did venture out much further than I would have otherwise...I couldn't waste the electric romance between Kelsea and Tyler and the spectacular view.

Sam worked his magic taking video footage with the Gimble (a fancy hand held stabilizer for the camera) and I crouched on boulders and between bushes for the photos . In the photo directly below, you will see a barge that conveniently left port to venture to sea as we were starting our shoot (how cool is that!?).

Special thank you to Kelsea and Tyler, who gave us beauty, love and romance and the ability to capture it backdropped by the breathtaking Newport coastline.




PS: Never be afraid to take a risk. Sometimes risks lead to creating something beautiful!

these are amazing!

I never like myself in front of the camera and neither does Kelsea

but you did such a great job! 

The lighting, the poses the overall mood of everything is just amazing.

We’re really glad you presented us with the opportunity

And the video was epic!

- Tyler