Playful love, cold beer & Edgy vibes

Nailed it

Brooke and Jon didn't quite know what to expect when we landed on a vibe, location, outfits and a date during their Engagement Session Design Consultation, but they were excited. We approach engagement sessions as an experience rather than a wedding checklist item and Brooke & Jon immediately jumped on board with this philosophy! They set the stage to an awesome experience by taking a few days off work and spending the night in a hotel.

Approaching the session this way allowed them to relax into the process even though they were nervous for the unknown of what was to come. The Fort, with its rough edges and grittiness, was the perfect backdrop to their personal vibe. From whispering "Sexy scrambled eggs" to playing musical chairs, these two had an absolutely unforgettable 3 hour experience creating their engagement photos and video.

We can't stop looking at their intense adorableness together and neither could they. Within days of their session, Brooke had already filled their gallery wall in their home with their engagement images and we can see why. Creating with each other resulted in this magic.


We let Sam take a few tiny beer breaks too ;)